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History of England Deaf Men's Futsal Team

Have a look and follow the journey of the Men's Deaf Futsal Team through the years, some of you will still recognize. How Futsal had developed, where boys are now men and the next generation take over the mantel of this beautiful game.

In November 2013, the FA (Football Association) made the decision to resume funding for England Deaf Men's Futsal. In order to secure a place in the 4th European Deaf Futsal Championships, the men team participated in a 4-team mini-tournament, held in Norway, which served as a qualifier for the 4th European Championships.

Unfortunately, England Deaf Men's Futsal did not manage to qualify for the main competition, which was held in Bulgaria. They faced tough matches in group of death, with games against Russia and France, both which resulted in defeats. Their only victory came against the hosts, Norway.

The men team missed out on qualifying for the European Championships, this setback also saw them fail to qualify for the 2015 World Deaf Futsal Championship held in Thailand, as the qualification pathway was to achieve top 8 finish in the European Championships.

The England Men's team returned back into the International stage stronger, where they achieved resounding success in Switzerland, where they displayed an outstanding performance. Throughout the three games they competed in, they emerged victorious without suffering a single defeat. The team's unbeaten record in Switzerland further solidified their place in the 5th European Deaf Futsal Championships, held in Finland.

Despite challenging start to the championship, the men team narrowly missed out place in Quarter-Finals and lost out finishing in the top 8 places. They eventually achieved 9th place, missing out on a place at the World Deaf Futsal Championship, which were held in Switzerland, in 2019.

During COVID pandemic, the FA declared that funding would no longer be provided for any of the England National Futsal Teams, including the Under 19, Under 23, and Men's Senior teams.

Following the withdrawal of support from the FA, England Deaf International Futsal took matters into their own hands and established themselves as an independent entity, under England Deaf International Futsal. Despite facing challenging circumstances and under COVID restrictions, the men squads formed under the leadership of EDIF committees.

In a provisional capacity, England Deaf International Futsal decided to participate in the 2022 European Futsal Championships. This decision demonstrated their determination to continue competing at the international level and showcased their commitment to representing England in international stages, where they emerged in top place in the European Championship qualifier, held in Israel. This secured the place into the 6th European Deaf Futsal Championship, which was held in Italy.


The boys discussing tactics fo the next game..
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Screenshot 2023-09-03 090237.jpg
In Italy, the England men team improvement continued with their presence on the international stage, securing the top 2 finish in the group stages, and qualifying for the Quarter-Finals for the first time ever. Unfortunately the men team failed to overcome mighty Czech Republic team, with 4-6 defeat and losing out on place in the Semi-Final. With narrow defeat against the Netherlands, losing 7-6, the men squad finished in their highest position, beating Switzerland 7-6 to secure 7th place finish and guarantee their place to the World Deaf Futsal Championship, which is to be held in Brazil, in November 2023.
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Follow our story - off to Brazil.......
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