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Work with us (sponsorship)

Thank you for expressing interest in sponsoring and working with the England Deaf International Futsal team. Your support and collaboration are greatly appreciated and vital to our continued success.

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Repton School Sports Centre

Repton School Sports Centre - England Deaf Futsal Team have been using Repton Sports centre and their wonderful facilities in preparation for their world cup campaign in Brazil.

A huge thank you to Repton Sports Centre for being so professional in the way they conduct them selves

and so England Deaf Futsal Team really appreciate all your support.

Thank you!!!


Here are some potential avenues for sponsorship and collaboration:

Financial Sponsorship: As a financial sponsor, you can provide direct funding to support the team's participation in tournaments, training camps, equipment, and other essential expenses. Your sponsorship will help alleviate the financial burden on the team and enable us to compete at the highest level.

Equipment and Kit Sponsorship: Sponsoring the team with equipment, such as futsal balls, training gear, uniforms, or footwear, not only provides practical support but also enhances the team's identity and professionalism. Your brand can be prominently featured on the team's gear, creating visibility and brand association.

Travel and Accommodation Sponsorship: Supporting the team with travel and accommodation arrangements for tournaments and international competitions can greatly ease the logistical challenges. Your sponsorship can cover flights, accommodation, and ground transportation, ensuring the team can focus on their performance without worrying about travel logistics.

Training Facilities and Resources: Providing access to high-quality training facilities, sports science support, and coaching resources can significantly enhance the team's development and performance. Sponsoring these resources demonstrates a commitment to supporting the growth and success of deaf athletes.

Community Engagement and Outreach: Partnering with the team on community engagement initiatives can have a positive social impact. Together, we can promote inclusion, raise awareness about the Deaf community, and inspire young Deaf athletes to pursue their dreams.

We are open to discussing customised sponsorship packages and tailoring the partnership to align with your brand values and objectives. If you would like to explore sponsorship opportunities or discuss potential collaboration, please contact us directly through our official channels on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We look forward to the possibility of working together and making a difference in the world of deaf futsal.

Thank you for your support and considering a partnership with the England Deaf International Futsal team.

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