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Mission Statement – England Deaf Futsal

                                                         England Deaf Futsal Trustee - Mission statement                 


Trustees will provide direction and guidance to communities, players, volunteers, and supporters.  The trustees of England Deaf International Futsal stand for, objectives, structure/method of management and other conditions in which the organisation operates.  

At England Deaf International Futsal, the Trustees are committed to establishing a clear Mission, Vision and set of Values that guide our organisation. This document is a working document that will evolve as we engage with players, supporters, stakeholders, and those who wish to contribute to our charity.


The mission of the Trustees of England Deaf International Futsal is to provide guidance, support, and direction to communities, players, volunteers, and supporters. We aim to build a vibrant, successful, and sustainable futsal pathway for Deaf/hard of hearing individuals. Our vision is to create a permanent return to futsal, where players can improve their fitness, abilities, have fun, and integrate into the mainstream community. Our ultimate goal is to coach and develop high-standard players who can represent England in international futsal competitions.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build a vibrant, successful, and sustainable Futsal pathway specifically designed for Deaf/hard of hearing individuals. We are committed to serving players within the community and providing them with opportunities to enhance their fitness, abilities, and enjoyment of the sport. Through coaching and teaching at the highest standards, we aim to help players achieve their long-term goals, including representing England in international Futsal competitions. By utilising expertise coaching trained to Futsal FIFA standards, we empower our players to pass on their knowledge to others, fostering growth and development within the community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a lasting impact by integrating Futsal into the mainstream community, ensuring inclusivity for Deaf/hard of hearing individuals. We aspire to deliver a permanent return to the sport, where players can continually improve their fitness, skills, and overall enjoyment. Through our programs and initiatives, we seek to build a strong foundation that enables players to thrive in Futsal and encourage transition into the mainstream community. Ultimately, the aim is to produce exceptional players who can represent England on the international stage, showcasing the talent and dedication of Deaf/hard of hearing athletes.

With our mission and vision as guiding principles, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and empowering environment that enables Deaf/hard of hearing individuals to excel in Futsal. By following to the highest coaching standards, we strive to create a pathway that not only enhances players' abilities but also promotes their long-term growth and integration into the broader community.

Together, we can build a future where Deaf/hard of hearing individuals have equal opportunities to participate in and contribute to the world of Futsal, achieving their aspirations and inspiring others along the way.

                                                To achieve our objectives, we are committed to the following four pillars:

  • Community Focus: We put players, supporters, and the community at the heart of everything we do and strive to deliver exceptional futsal experiences and excellent community care services.

  • Distinctive Style: We aim to establish a distinctive and entertaining futsal format that resonates throughout all levels, including players, supporters, coaching staff, and the community.

  •  Sustainable Business Plan: We develop an effective, sustainable, and dynamic business plan to maximise the available resources and budget, to ensure long-term success.

  •  Collaborative Partnerships: We work closely with local organisations, supporters' groups, and businesses to maximise financial opportunities and elevate the standards for players and the community they belong to.


                                                             As Trustees, we make the following promises:

Honour and Responsibility: We recognise the privilege of acting as custodians and guardians of the England Deaf International Futsal organisation.


  • Collaboration and Communication: We work positively and inclusively in the best interests of the futsal organisation and the community, actively seeking input from stakeholders.

  •  Respect and Equality: We treat the community, staff, management, players, and partners with respect, fostering a culture of diversity and equality, eliminating discrimination.

  •  Accountability and Transparency: We address any issues promptly and transparently, taking swift action to rectify mistakes or shortcomings.

  •  Strategic Investment: We strategically invest in the England Deaf Futsal organization to fulfil our core objectives and ensure its continued growth and success.

  •  Environmental Responsibility: We prioritise environmental protection and contribute to the well-being of both local and global ecosystems.

  •  Collaboration and Support: We collaborate constructively with community partners, businesses, and the England Deaf International Futsal Foundation to achieve our common goals.

  •  Community Engagement: We recognise the important role of local communities in developing Deaf individuals in sports, supporting, nurturing talent, and fostering a better futsal pathway.


By fulfilling these promises, we aim to create a positive futsal structure that benefits both Deaf and mainstream communities. We strongly believe that every individual, volunteer, and supporters have a role to play in achieving the success we aspire to.


Together, we will forge a stronger futsal community, foster inclusive, and deliver the success that inspires us all

Yours truly


England Deaf International Futsal

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